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Hope University Videos

Welcome to Hope University


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Actually, welcome to Hope Chapel Honolulu’s online video training tools. Over the years of the Hope Chapel movement we have learned many things in ministry and we want to share those learning lessons with you. We’re giving away free, practical information that should help you grow in your spiritual life and ministry.

Focused on making disciples, our first series of (very short) videos will equip you to operate small disciplemaking groups that really work. After that we’ll do some teaching on why and how we believe the Bible to be from God. Then we’ll get into solutions to problems we face in everyday life.

Google analytics shows that people from several other countries come to our website, quite regularly. If that is you, we hope our efforts help equip you to serve the Lord.

We’re obviously doing this with leaders in mind. However, most everything we post would be useful to people who just want to know God better. We hope you enjoy these tools. Please let us know if there is a topic which you feel we should cover. You can email us at info@hopehonolulu.com.

To learn more about Ralph Moore, you can check out his website at:  www.ralphmoorehawaii.com.

Let's get started:

  1. What is Mini Church?
  2. Why do we use Mini Church?
  3. How does it work?
  4. Keeping it easy to reproduce
  5. How do you reproduce?
  6. Mini Church schedule
  7. Teaching vs lab
  8. Managing prayer requests
  9. Why not lead and host
  10. Leadership Development
  11. Shepherds' Meeting
  12. How to Start a Minichurch