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Intro to Hope Chapel Honolulu

Hope Chapel Honolulu, or “Hope Honolulu,” is a new church for a new day. After handing off leadership of Hope Chapel Kaneohe Bay, Pastor Ralph and our team expect great things from a great new church.

New we may be, but we are already a “global/local church.” We do lots of service projects for our community. We also change the world via missions teams and Pastor Ralph’s teaching trips where he assists fledgling groups turn into church multiplication movements.

You will enjoy the thriving sense of life and thankfulness in our congregation. For some reason the word, “gratitude,” seems to describe our congregation the best. Our members are truly thankful to spend time together.

We are also a, “church of small groups.” This is quite different from churches that “have” small groups. Our “MiniChurches” are the heart and soul of our church. People in MiniChurch openly share their lives in light of the weekend sermons. This leads to a transparency not found elsewhere. In our church, friendship is a huge success factor.

Finally, we enjoy are just a link in a very long chain. There are now more than 1,000 Hope Chapel churches in the world. We are on every continent. At one point there was a Hope Chapel in Antartica.

Our job is to give you the best life possible by connecting you to God, to his people and to equip you to help make disciples of the nations. Hope Chapel Honolulu is, and will be, a global/local church.