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Join a MiniChurch! from Hope Chapel Honolulu on Vimeo.

We think MiniChurch is just about the best thing we do at Hope Chapel Honolulu. It is a time for food, friendship and three life-changing questions. After sharing food and friendship, each week we ask:

  1. What did the Holy Spirit say to you while the pastor was preaching?
    Notice that the Spirit sometimes says things the pastor doesn’t…
  2. How will what God is saying change your life?
  3. How can we best pray for you in your current circumstances?

This is a pretty simple operation but it drastically changes lives.

You can best find a MiniChurch by asking a new “church-friend” about theirs. Otherwise, you’ll find a pleasant person standing by a table in our lobby to answer your questions. They will discuss your needs and desires, then help you check out one or two MiniChurches to see which one best fits you.

See different MiniChurches by day and time or Join a MiniChurch today!