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Our Goals

Its important to have God given goals. It gives us focus and they serve as a guideline for everything we do.

God has given us these three over arching goals. In the next twenty years Hope Chapel Honolulu will have:

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We asked God for meaningful 20-year goals at the outset of Hope Chapel Honolulu. We believe our goals came to us from the Lord. They are doable, but only with God’s help.

The first goal is to include “Reproducing DNA” at every level of our ministry. This means that each ministry needs a bias toward reproducing disciples, reproducing ministry and reproducing new churches. This can only come with sound teaching and an equivalent desire to obey Jesus’ command to “go and make disciples of every nation.” We’ll ultimately touch other nations but we must begin at home. And we must be intent on reproducing disciples in everything we do. If we stay focused on disciplemaking we will accomplish all that God asks of us.

Our second goal is to plant 30 organic churches in 20 years. By organic, we mean that we work through relationships with people we’ve discipled. We aren’t looking for “hired guns” from some other ministry to help us plant churches. We hope to raise up church planters from our midst. This is a tall order and one that requires as much prayer as active disciplemaking. Coming out of the gate we partner with people we knew before we started and with some folks attracted to our church because we intend to plant churches. These people are already equipped and in the process of planting. But, the future lies with our youth. As we disciple young people we keep an eye out for potential church planters (we have some pretty hot potential in the pipeline).

To establish a church planting presence in three other nations also requires prayer.
We are deeply involved in Japan and China and believe that God is calling us to those two countries. Doors seem to be opening in Kenya but it is still too soon to tell if we are called to that country.

We hope you notice that accomplishing the latter two goals comes from success with the first. We can only achieve them if we successfully make disciples.