C H I L D R E N ' S   C H U R C H

N U R S E R Y  &  T O D D L E R S  ( 9 : 3 0 A M  S E R V I C E ) 

Our nursery and preschool ministry includes children three months old through four years old. Our goal is to help each child feel God’s presence through worship, prayer, and listening to His Word. We partner with parents to create a safe and loving environment where their children will know that they are valued and accepted. The ministry team regularly prays for the children and their families.

E L E M E N T A R Y  ( 9 : 3 0 A M  S E R V I C E )

Our elementary class welcomes kids from kindergarten through the fifth grade. Teachers and parents in the elementary class introduce the children to our Heavenly Father by teaching them about His love and truth, especially through prayer as they seek to recognize God’s voice. In doing so, we believe that each child  can not only get to know Him more intimately, but also build towards a foundation for living a Christ centered life as they get older.