Dear Hope Chapel Honolulu,


We continue to pray for all of you, our communities and leaders, particularly those who are anxious about their loss of jobs and the future of their children as well as their own. We continue to believe that God’s will for us is good, pleasing and perfect, and that He still has plans to grant us a hope and a future!

Here are this week’s updates:

  1. We hope that you have become accustomed to our weekly worship and teaching supplement for your personal devotion and MiniChurches. Please feel free to share resources you enjoy and find helpful with others in this season of pandemic.
  2. Our next Zoom Celebration for the whole church will be June 28, 2020 as we seek to complement and not compete with our MiniChurches. If you didn’t receive an email invitation for our last Zoom Connection, please be sure to check your spam folder or share your contact information with us at
  3. Please continue to pray for those twenty new MiniChurch pastors and groups of two or more during the Mayor’s “Shelter in Place Order” and consider whether or not you should be leading or hosting one of those new MiniChurches! 
  4. Please continue to share both prayer requests and praise reports through so that our Prayer Team might support you in prayer and rejoice with you at God’s miraculous answers to prayer.
  5. We will continue to pray and provide weekly updates and at least 72 hours advance notice with regard to when Hope Chapel Honolulu will host Celebration Sunday services at our 1712 S. King Street location.

May the LORD bless you, keep you, cause His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you and yours, and fill you with joy, hope and peace in Jesus’ Name!

Pastor C