January 17, 2021

Grace, peace, joy and hope to you from our Lord Jesus Christ, Hope Chapel Honolulu!

These are not just words, but are intended to be a blessing to you: grace that is sufficient for what you personally face, peace that would guard and guide your heart according to the power, love and faithfulness of God, a wellspring of joy that you would find in your private and public moments of worshiping God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and an unshakeable hope that is not troubled by the news of today or concerns for tomorrow! Grace, peace, joy and hope to you in Jesus’ Name!

I wrote you last week about how recent events both domestically and internationally have made it clearer to me than ever before that our role and responsibility not just as a local congregation, but also as individual disciples who are members of the global Body of Christ, is to become “a Bible-based, Holy Spirit-fueled, counter-cultural witness to the grace and truth of Jesus Christ by every man, woman and child in Christ, resulting in the baptism, modeling and teaching of everything Christ commanded to every citizen and foreigner amongst us.”

Let’s continue to watch and pray, and by that I don’t just mean to watch the news or to pray for God’s personal provision, protection and peace, but to watch for His work and leading, and to pray for such faith, hope and love that will prepare you daily to be a witness to that grace and truth of Jesus Christ which has perhaps never been more needed!


  1. Please continue to pray for the leaders of our nation, state and city, in business, government and education, for the leaders in and around the Pacific, for the people of our nation and theirs, for the nations that your own ancestors have come from, that God would grant them repentance resulting in salvation and the wisdom, discernment, resource and courage for the problems they face in their hearts, homes and workplaces.
  2. Please offer up prayers of thanksgiving and blessing for new and incumbent members of our Church Council as we begin a new year with new challenges, our Oversight Team, MiniChurch Pastors and the many volunteers who make our live and online community and gatherings possible. Please pray for me and my house, too, as we prayerfully seek God’s priorities, wisdom, direction and resources for each day God blesses us with!
  3. Please continue to watch and pray that God would provide for and protect both those who serve and gather in our live gatherings as we try to provide regular opportunities to worship and learn of God for those whose faith and circumstances keep them from joining our online Zoom Celebrations.
  4. Please continue to pray for those who are unable to pay their bills, are anxious about their own or their children’s health, education and future, and for small business owners who feel like they are drowning in debt and unable to care for their families let alone their employees, too, praying that they would seek and learn to trust in the God of heaven and earth in these difficult times!
  5. Please continue to send prayer requests and praise reports to praywithme@hopehonolulu.com and, if you haven’t already, consider joining our email Intercessory Prayer Team so that you can help support others in prayer and rejoice with them at God’s miraculous answers!

May God continue to both bless you and through you with daily reminders of His power, love and faithfulness, in Jesus’ Name!

Pastor C