Middle and High School Ministries

Currently, our middle and high school students are encouraged to take part in services with the entire congregation.  We are developing a mentoring program that uses MiniChurches led by trained and trustworthy adult mentors to provide them with real-life models for faith, meaningful relationship with young believers close to their age, and a safe place to share about their challenges, and just as importantly, to be equipped, encouraged and empowered to follow Christ in their next seasons of life.


Men's Ministry

The goal of our ministry is to build meaningful relationships among men of all ages through various opportunities such as breakfasts and sporting activities including stand-up paddleboard, softball and golf. The Men’s Ministry also provides the manpower to help people move or relocate and carry out small construction projects for repair or to make homes ADA-compliant.


Women's Ministry

Our aim is to have several generations of women mentoring one another so that all of our women can flourish and bloom in every stage of their lives. The Women’s Ministry provides opportunities for women of all ages to get connected through fun activities such as women’s teas and breakfasts, cooking and crafting classes, and other events to grow together in the Lord.


Family Ministry

This ministry coordinates the gathering of MiniChurches to participate in various family-friendly activities such as kite-making and flying, bingo night or bowling competitions as a way to deepen relationships among those in the congregation.


Prayer & Healing Ministry

One Sunday afternoon a month, our Prayer Ministry Team hosts a Prayer and Healing Workshop where you can learn and practice how to pray for yourselves and others.  There is no price for admission to the workshops, and no cost for answered prayer except putting your faith in God.