Recommended Reading

Leaders are Readers! Our Pastor has compiled a list of recommended books for your prayerful study. Check back each month, because every month we will be adding 3 books to this list!

MATL Masters Program

The MATL is a Masters Program, directed by our very own Pastor, through a combination of intensive and online coursework, with a one-week residency required in Daejeon, South Korea for accreditation purposes. Click below to read more!

Web-Based Resources

Some of these sites offer free resources, too, but the reason these are listed is because Pastor C has found them incredibly helpful over the years for his own development as a disciple, husband, father, brother, and as someone wanting to become a servant and friend of God. If you’re interested, check them out!


If you haven't already visited our "Sermons" page on our website, we have an archive of our past Sunday sermons available for your reference whenever you need them!


Exponential is a community of leaders with a focus on church planting and multiplication. They have a lot of free resources to help equip those who share the same vision. Our founding Pastor, Ralph Moore, is currently a part of the team at Exponential. You can learn more about Exponential and take advantage of their resources by visiting their website.